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  • Perri, It's not miserable at all! It's really good, really good. I haven't read the other critiques here but I'm sure they've told you the same. There are just the typ...
  • It's never too late to learn how to fish!
  • The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf The Stand The Bluest Eye Beloved Sphere Free Enterprise Adam Bede Ethan Fromme Judy's Journey Five Quarters of the Orange I Too Sing America Into Thin Air Gulliver's Travels Don't Play Out in the Sun Frankenstein


  • Hi Brooke, I so agree with everything you've written! In fact, I became inspired to write a book just a few months after I began going to acupuncture (although I didn'...
  • Linda, what a beautiful post. First off, congrats on getting published! I look forward to reading your book. For me, the detractors in my life came the second I enter...
  • Awesome story ... good on you for getting it that far. I'll be going to see it, and yes, definitely, I prefer Orange Mint and Honey.