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  • Started by Grace Bello
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    I'm writing an article for The Freelance Strategist on how writers' orgs can help aspiring and established writers. I'm looking for sources whom I can quote on this to...
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  • Started by Carlos LoPopolo
    Last reply by Kamy Wicoff
    Is anyone aware of a writer's club or group in Bastrop, Texas?
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  • Started by Renee Cramer
    Last reply by Dawn Nickel
    Has anyone on this list used AtlasVI or other qualitative/interpretive data transcription and analysis software? I have several projects going at once, often using the...
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  • Kristen Houghton posted a message for Maggie
    Thank you so much, Maggie! I'm glad you enjoyed reading, my article Joining Professional Author Organization vs Authors Forums. Nice to connect here. Kristen Houghton
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    Blogging is the matrix of the digital world platform. It connects those looking for information to those who have the information.  Blogging is a scheduled conversatio...
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    Tips and Tricks to Building the Perfect Mobile Landing Page By now most small businesses understand that a mobile strategy is a non-negotiable factor for success, but...


  • When not on sabbatical, I work for a human rights organization and edit news releases...Indigenous communities.  I sometimes go into what I call "cold-hearted editor mode" where I'm only thinking abou...
  • All I can imagine is that the committee only had one person apply for LeShay's job, because he certainly doesn't meet the minimum requirements for his position. And ye...
  • I've created different ways to write throughout the years, depending on what my life is like. My husband is now retired and I don't do well with having someone in the...