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  • A beautiful poem and prayer which is comparable to the prayer of St Frances.
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    I'm sort of new and not sure if I'm doing this right but I need opinions on my pitch. I couldn't find a pitch thread that was already started so I figured this was oka...
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  • Sounds like a suspenseful book! I agree with the other commenter about editing down to three paragraphs and start with your character and her basic dilemma. Also, cut...


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    21. The North Shore July 20, 2017 In a few weeks I’ll head up the coast to Mendocino County for a writers conference. This is part of a new and deeper commitmen...


  • Such a coincidence (though is anything, really?) to read this today.  I just finished my latest blog post and as I stared at it, I wondered if it or any would resonate...
  • I have not put any means to an end on my writing, yet...I feel as if my writing is like a handful of confetti that I have tossed up into the air and wherever it lands...
  • Thank you, Gwendolyn. I will remind myself of your comment that letting go is a "love-gift to the universe." That offers a path to freedom from attachment to outcomes that I have been looking for. Best wishes. And thanks again for your tweets this week!