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    Help! I have a dessert cookbook coming out on October 26th. I'm very excited, but I'm also completely overwhelmed and have no idea what to expect. I have a handful of...
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    Hi all: Just wondering if anyone else is struggling with what I'm struggling with: that sometimes expat life is just too tiring for me to have much energy left over t...
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  • Kamy, This actually exceeded my expectations. Having three blogs placed in front of me to peruse, without being overwhelmed by the sheer number on the index was doable...


  • Donna Bryson posted a status
    John Michael Koffi’s “Refuge-e: The Journey Much Desired” is a memoirs of his teens _ years he had barely left when he self-published his book earlier this year. It is...
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    Irene Roth posted a status
    Something About Sammy By Blaine Sims This is a wonderful story that has breath and depth. It shows the longing of love in all its beauty. It can deeply affect a pe...
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    So overwhelmed with medical bills right now...couldn't medical billing be simplified? Instead of one bill, there's 15.


  • Sian - as someone who grew up in a home full of addiction and all the dysfunction that...mpanies it, I get that instinctive urge to label your feelings as "whiny brat" mode, but I think your points are...
  • This is so divinely timely as I contemplate self-publishing and ebooks etc. This will be of such help to...I won't feel so overwhelmed trying to sift and sort through all the options weighing pros and cons.
  • Bella, your post inspired me to write FB posts in a different way.  Thank you so much.  I took advance of the inspiration and wrote a post using your suggestions and w...