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    I've been spending a lot of time painting lately, which means something else is going to be neglected (for me that means mostly housework). But kidding aside, there are only so many ho...
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  • No 38 in my #ShePersisted series combines a painting I did for my daughter years ago and a quote that came to me in  my sleep. 
  • ...readers: Direct Link:


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    Maureen Ruhl is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and best friend. She loves painting, gardening, photography, attending meetings with The Chapman Wordweavers Society, mentoring and...
  • ...ate for this community. I am consistently creating a balance of work, play, yoga meditation, family life and the creative process of writing and painting. However, the last few on th...


  • ...Giants Bones." In 2008 our family moved to Monmouth in Wales, Great Britain. I kept up with my writing, however, I had also started dabbling in painting and becoming an artist. I did...
  • I get this. Describes my method to a "T"! The "paintbrush flings, spattering dots of color," and "lump of clay" are exactly my computer screen, and yes, it IS fun and satisfying to hone it down. I always say that I'm painting a tableau with words. Thank you!
  • ...also know that you take care of your people and some of your books (I've reviewed several) have done quite well. Publishing has become a charcoal painting; the lines are smudged. JMHO....