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    I'm on the third draft of my novel and the opening few paragraphs are a bit of a black hole. I've tried a few things like starting in the middle of the action (too con...
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    Are there any set rules as to how long a paragrapgh should be when writing a fictional short story. A reader wrote the following about my excerpts: "Your writing is cl...
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  • my 2 cents: First, I think it is entirely too long. Too much information. I can tell from your writing style that you are a talented and humorous writer, no doubt. And...


  • I outlined my first novel (which my agent is now trying to sell) before starting it, and though it changed, I did stick to it. I have to know where I'm going, especial...
  • Great chapter.  I suggest adding more dialogue.  Paragraphs 3-7 seems like a lot of telling.  Can't wait to read more otherwise.
  • You are asking questions that I've either asked myself the past six months or am still asking. I was just wondering what "upmarket" meant last night, in fact. Regardi...