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    I'm on the third draft of my novel and the opening few paragraphs are a bit of a black hole. I've tried a few things like starting in the middle of the action (too con...
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    Are there any set rules as to how long a paragrapgh should be when writing a fictional short story. A reader wrote the following about my excerpts: "Your writing is cl...
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  • It's Zetta that rhymes with Rosetta, but the full name is "Zetta" bloom's fallen off! LOL Could you post a short excerpt (a few paragraphs) or blurb from one of your stories just to give us a wee taste? (BTW, I'm making up a small southern town of my own--but in Texas :)


  • Deborah: Forgive me for taking so long to comment. Your response, and that you took the time to write such a wonderful comment touches my heart. It also lets me know...
  • Maria, I appreciate your reminder about pronouns. What about the opposite...I occasionally have a problem when reading fiction where there is a section of dialogue and...
  • Hi Katrina, here is the link where I found it (it won't let me copy and paste for some reason) Go to Under the SUBMIT TO SWP banner click on GET PUBLISHED Then a few paragraphs down click on She Publishes package First sentence...