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    ...gers that lead to impulsivity. For example, they can be more mindful by living in the moment, having fun, or exercising. It is also essential for parents to have patience with their k...
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    ...ings and centuries of people. The adopted child/adult, however content he or she is with life in their adoptive family, knows that another set of parents made a decision not to includ...
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    ...However, after setting it up, it can be used by both the children and parents at the same time to create on elevators and water pools. It is a perfect family device where parents can hangover with their kids...
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    ...J Tormey was born in Tucson, Arizona Territory on 29 April, 1884. His parents came to Tucson to expand Rich...1910 census confirms Richmond was living with family. By this time his parents had divorced and mother remar...
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    ...oved one, being an emotional support system Financial woes…overcoming debt and building wealth Dealing with familial issues such as children or parents that have mental or substance...
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    #BookReview Steven Moyer was a typical teenager until an untimely car accident claimed the lives of his parents. When his immediate family refused to take him in, Steven was forced into the foster care system. READ MORE:


  • I had no idea such a condition existed! A fascinating excerpt, and I can really understand the concern that parents of children with RAD can have for the development and growth of that child. Thanks for sharing!
  • Hi Karen. I was born in 1950, had a big family of six siblings, two parents and two grandparents. We were poor (like the Waltons....which I have always identified my family and life with as we...
  • Karen - Thanks so much for sharing your memories and comments. I can't wait to read "Dreams of Falling." Sounds like my kind of book. I have also set my novels in the 1950s, prompted my memories of my childhood and stories from my parents and grandparents.