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  • ...lead to seedy night clubs and prostitution rings and then the trail runs cold, other than a suspicious private flight to Riyadh with an unusual passenger list.   Email me at [email protected]...
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    ...seemed to focus as a tall, dark, handsome man emerged and looked around. He looked back into the truck for a moment then made his way around the passenger side. The door opened and a r...
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  • ...till, it doesn't mean success is just around the corner, if at all.   I've heard the bit about long first novels being just a tad more rare than Passenger pidgeons (after I finished wr...


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    My forthcoming novel Sheltering Angel tells the story of real passengers on the Titanic. Many who began Rosebud Writing.


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    Thank you all! I am just now getting back to normal. I still wonder why that chicken was a passenger! molly
  • ...oading adventure. Looking out of my window at what appeared to be a 1,000 foot drop (the "road" ended in a sheer cliff literally inches from the passenger door of the truck) not only m...
  • ...old mother. I gave it to her while we were in Trader Joe's yesterday but I can't upload the pic I took of her reading it! my mother sits in the passenger seat bewildered she frantica...