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    ...story I'm writing. If you would like to participate in a survey, please let me know and I will send you the link and the password. It's for Women Only, which is why I'm password protecting the survey/post. L...
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  • confirmed.  Not so with Wordpress, who just let's you leave your email address to follow.  ARGH.  I usually walk away rather than remember my password for the google address I neve...
  • Are the gates to your heart wide open or is there a passWord? A healthy heart is a protected heart. New blog post:


  • RYCJ posted a message for Brooke Warner
    ...e on She Writes. Not sure who to contact about not being able to publish articles. The link is missing. FYI. I did previously have issues with my password and signing in, but that has...


  • Huh, what? I spent several good minutes locating my SheWrites password, then waiting for this page to boot up -- all of it longer than it too to read this nice, but unhelpful, bit of fluff. A computer glitsch I trust.
  • She Writes is the only online site I still use where I log on with my old password! I, too, have been following the progress of SWP from its inception three years ago til today, as one of its authors! Rock on, ladies! As Matthew McConaughey would say, "AllWrite, AllWrite!"
  • Thanks for this post, Julie.  I think you're absolutely right (and I do remember Name That Tune AND Password AND Hollywood Squares, too).  Writing is such a solitary endeavor that it's...