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    Last reply by Chrys Fey comes to writing horror. When people or animals sense something, they let their senses take over. It's all about perception, too. How do they perceive what they think is going on? ...
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    What about your writing would you like to get better at? What do you perceive as your greatest weakness as a writer? World-building? Dialogue? Grammar? Outlining? In six words, tell us: What would you like to improve about your writing?
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  • Started by Kalyn Healey
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    ...also encompasses the concept of fate and what happens to us after we die. The novel is told in four distinct voices to reiterate how different we perceive the same life events, even wh...
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  • ...what I reveal could have impacted them negatively. Sadly, all who could have been affected are gone. I feel free now to tell the whole truth as I perceive it. Besides, It's a really go...
  • .../TV), and i've published academically in my discipline. I'm also a novelist, and my first novel has similar challenges in terms of what one might perceive to be "a hard sell," in that...
  • Christelle, I love your post - especially because I don't feel blamed for not being whatever I perceive myself as not being. I can suffer from each of your "Too"s - plus I recognize th...