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  • I turn on Cars on the nights I have my online writing group, and I use nap time al...usively for work, though I sometimes find it hard to transition from mommy mode to creative mode.  I am lucky that my son (2.5...
  • I've told this story many times, but it has done wonders for me. A few years ago I discovered that my habit of rewriting five to ten pages to my satisfaction before co...
  • Hey, Rachel. I pretty much agree with others that for author's looking to promote their writing a website is crucial and that you can share as much or as little as you...


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  • I love this idea. I took a course long ago entitled the Psychology of Maximum Performance and it used this exact method to immediately reward your mind when you accomplish your small goals. I plan to count out 25 penny's today and putting them on my writing desk. THANK YOU!
  • OK, time to eschew the facetious, especially given the fine responses that have been offered. Jill, I feel your pain and often it's hard to remind myself that self-dou...
  • Thanks for this important discussion. One thing that helped me when I quit a good job 17 (!) years ago to write my first book was the knowledge that I know how to live...