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    Alafia good people: My great joy is that of rendering myths and folklore into plays that can be read, performed, and used as the guiding material for workshops and other public events...
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  • Junior high; directed, performed by classmates!
  • What a fantastic service you have performed with this idea, Meg. Truly. Thank you!!


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    ...wering heroine arc is the one found in "For a Long Time This Was Griselda's Story." For years, Rosemary lived in the shadow of her sister who performed circus acts with a metal eate...


  • ...itionally after that, you're right---you need good sales. And 1000 is not enough. This is called a "track" in publishing, and if your first book performed poorly then that track is goi...
  • ...d why I was cast (or not) in an acting job: you flailed your arms the best. I thought you were the one I must wanted to f--k. I've never seen it performed that way, but I think that's...
  • Good for you, Paulette.  You're lucky to have such a friend.  I belong to a tough crit group that performed the same scrutiny for me, and it was worth the time it took to comb through the entire manuscript.  I'm looking forward to reading it.