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  • Thank you, Nichole!  "Weather" didn't turn out, and I've had  A LOT of near misses this month.  It's been painful to get so many nice, personalized rejections.  (Even...
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    Hacienda Hot Springs main mineral springs pool   Dear is an increasingly crucial skill for modern-day authors. Plus it’s a gr...sert. Resnick is also a seasoned public speaker and moderator who’s spoken everywhere...
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    No new replies needed. This is being queried. Thanks for all the help. :-)   Dear Agent,   (Personalized info about the agent, and why I chose to submit to her.) Since...
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  • Are you going to add a CafePress shop? That could mean some extra revenue for SW to cover the monthly fees and swag adds to promotional opp. Perhaps post a contest for the illustrator/writer types to come up with more than the letter logo?
  • Migrating comments from earlier today (this post originally appeared on a different page -- a technicality over here; thanks for bearing with us as we straighten thing...
  • @Karoline. The services we're providing are very comp...k them out and they're a completely different model. We view ourselves as a hybrid model. All of our authors will be...shed. We are presenting an alternative to the model that you do it all yourself...