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  • Started by Kate S.
    Many published writers have fabulous (or classy or sassy or modest) photographs of themselves on their books, websites, etc. How does one go about deciding on photos? Having them taken? Details would be great!
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  • Started by Shreya Sen
    Last reply by Amy Jo Sprague
    We want to publish our first issue by the end of May, and are open for submissions. We are very interested in poetry and artwork, but will also publish short fiction,...
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  • Last reply by Marci Nault
    My photography coffee table book "Art of Winter" is at the printer's and will be here late July. This means it's time for me to start planning my book launch celebration. What creative ideas have you done or heard of? Thanks for your input! Julie
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  • Lucia Viti posted a status
    My name is Lucia Helen Viti. I am a local San Diego journalist and published author. I live, work and breathe to write. If I didn't write, my head would explode. My Co...
  • Donna M. Kshir posted a status
    Maureen Ruhl is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and best friend. She loves painting, gardening, photography, attending meetings with The Chapman Wordweavers Socie...


  • I'm really going to enjoy this section of SheWrites - you have a regular reader for sure. My last career I was an internet CTO and I'm what you would call an early ado...
  • As a woman of 51 who (apart from a couple of minor things) hasn't really been published yet, I cannot but concur. Such lists should not even exist, because writing is...
  • Congratulations Jean! I just recently completed a successful Kickstarter¬†campaign myself for my photography coffee table book "Art of Winter". @ Cindy Brown ¬†and any o...