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  • Started by Kate S.
    Many published writers have fabulous (or classy or sassy or modest) photographs of themselves on their books, websites, etc. How does one go about deciding on photos? Having them taken? Details would be great!
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  • Started by Marwa Rakha
    DOWNLOAD HERE Marwa Rakha's first book - The Poison Tree - planted & grown in Egypt - has...
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  • Started by Kiersi Burkhart
    Last reply by Julie Cordova
    After spending a number of hours with my mother over Skype, teaching her how to set up a photography blog, I realized that categories in WordPress are a subject with w...
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  • Lucia Viti posted a status
    My name is Lucia Helen Viti. I am a local San Diego journalist and published author. I live, work and breathe to write. If I didn't write, my head would explode. My Co...
  • Donna M. Kshir posted a status
    Maureen Ruhl is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and best friend. She loves painting, gardening, photography, attending meetings with The Chapman Wordweavers Socie...


  • I love your connection to food and how important it is to enjoy such an important part of our lives. I believe as you do that we need to build a culture of people who...
  • Ha, Michael, I think the rationale for light switches makes a lot of sense. But I'm going to have to disagree with you on pretty much everything else. I think the iPa...
  • Meanwhile:   1. Show up. Write anyway. In the face of doubt, insecurity, creative blockage. 2. Write to music. 3. Bombard yourself with images -- art, photography, real-life vignettes. They all inspire stories.