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  • ...leaned into the glass. Into the warmth of a new day. Great imagery here. There is a powerful sense of sadness and I almost wondered if she was planning on throwing herself out the w...
  • As contests go, I've entered a few, helped in planning and executing logistics for the annual contest of my local RWA chapter (thank God for electronic entries!), and twice served as a...
  • ...lerawards.blogspot.com/ Josh and I had a great time making the trailer. I'd be happy to answer any questions for anyone who is in the process of planning their own!
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    Anyone planning to attend the Pennsylvania Governor's Conference for Women? I will be there in connection with my professional (a.k.a. pays the bills) real job. Would love to meet some of you there!
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  • Started by Amy Mennot
    I am planning a trip to India next month and plan to spend a couple of weeks in the north. Looking for either direct experience or suggested readings. Thanks!
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  • I am planning to attend the Writer's Digest in September, and if I'm plunking down the money to attend, I should have a workable product to work with right? That said, I w...
  • ...s really taking the spin-off concept out there. I just tried her Man Trap perfume last night. (Will let you know results in another venue!) She's planning to sell that on her site, alo...
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    ...octor discuss. (i.e. energy drink consumption, women wearing high heels, carrying heavy purses and how it affects your spine...) Others? 3. I am planning a Breast Cancer Charity Event...
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