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    Hi there, Just got word from Boulder Book Store -- thought to share: this is their requirements for an author to read at their store. Not so encouraging. What's your...
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    Can anyone tell me where I can find more information on whether or not I can use real doctor's names in my memoir?  If I decide to change the name but the doctor might...
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  • Louella Bryant posted a status
    Can't get enough of Titanic? Read an outtake from my book Sheltering Angel, a novel based on a true story of the Titanic.
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    Discover Your Family Heritage: Have you ever thought about your family legacy? Maybe it’s time to discover the stories of your past. My mother was involved with geneal...
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    Back to knocking on agent's doors for my latest manuscript, Heartache and Hope. It's a combo of contemporary women's fiction and historical fiction (partly based on my...


  • Ami Hendrickson commented on her article 10 Query Tips"
    Mari-Anna, I suppose that if one engaged in relevant small talk, it would be OK. That said, I have recently suggested that all the writers that I counsel (as well as...
  • Amy Wise commented on her article Love Is Not A Skin Color.....
    Kevin I think you are right. In her case I think part of it is she is having so many struggles in her life in regards to men she justifies this thinking with the old.....
  • Lauren, I love what you say in the BookExpo talk about failure. It is so true that so many of us make decisions based on the fear of failure, when failure isn't nearly as bad as underselling yourself over and over again. Jump out there and take some positive risks, SheWriters!