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  • ...of the darker aspects of my work touch on mental illness, trauma, and current events, but I also incorporate a lot of dark humor into my work. Pleased to meet you all, and I look f...
  • Oh, I would definitely go the historical fiction route. I did that with my book UNDER THE ALMOND TREES and was very pleased with the result. With nonfiction, you are stuck with dates and events. If you fictionalize it, you can up the drama (if needed) and tweak the story arc to make a better novel.
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    ...ago but never finished. As of yesterday, 350 words down, 49,650 to go. Steady on! I'm Renee here (my true identity) and Untethered at NaNoWriMo. Pleased to slog with you!
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    Very pleased to have found this site that celebrates female writers! I look forward to meeting all of you and reading the articles posted.
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    I'm pleased to be featured on with this essay, which also includes some book recommendations:


  • Vicki, Thank you so much for writing about your struggle with your daughter. I'm pleased for you that she hasn't interfered with your relationship with your grandchildren. You have to...
  • I'm so pleased you like my post, Irene. Walking in the woods, meditating, and walking the labyrinth--what wonderful ways to come to silence!
  • ...elling ten words per page than letters of appreciation for helping shape character, etc. ( We all run to Yelp when we're angry, rarely when we're pleased!) But on the occasions I've g...