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  • ...versus indie publishing. I hope you find it helpful. This is also a very good website. There are a lot of resources. There is also a very helpful podcast as well. Here is the link: h...
  • Thank You Ms. Charvella J. Campbell. I heard your podcast and it's very interesting. Let's keep in touch with Brand New Subjects. Here is one...What do you think of changing Career...
  • ...writer (he writes a novel a month!) and host of the 'Writing Suburbia' podcast. He shares lessons learned cr...fantasy.


  • Louella Bryant posted a status
    I've just posted my very first podcast. Have a listen at
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    Just completed our special podcast with NY Times best-selling author, Lisa See. You can listen to the interview at
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    I heard about this site on some podcast - oh wait - it was yours! :) Not sure what I'm doing here, but I guess I'll find out.


  • ...tle break, until I'm ready to grab my shovel again, dig up the past, and use that dirt to make art. Also, if you want more Sara, The BinderCast podcast has an awesome episode with S...
  • ...ach week, and I email a list of questions several days before the live podcast. I also create a special Facebook events page that lists each podcast. I look forward to hearing yo...
  • My name is Ani, and I'm a questioner, I think. Well, actually I know even without listening to the podcast because most of the time I need to find practical reasons for doing things....