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    ...r tips, but I'm still struggling with figuring everything out.  So any pointers or videos you could send my that you're having a hard time coming up with.  So, once again, any pointers or suggestions would be great...
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  • ...-chapter postings. I would love to get some feedback on them. And I am more than happy to reciprocate for others. As well as learning any helpful pointers in regards to blogging. Here...
  • ...m on my third draft. Hoping the fourth draft will be the last. I've had good professional feedback on the first chapter that has given me lots of pointers. Project No. 2: Having just f...


  • I cautiously peeked in to see what the comments said...and am happily surprised! Thanks for the feedback and the additional suggestions. I am motivated to do another video one of these days...I'll check in with your channel, Joanne, and get some more pointers! Thank you! 
  • is up, but not all receive a notification. My blog also is connected to She Writes, Goodreads and my Amazon writer's page. I'd appreciate some pointers. Thanks, Suzanne
  • Liz, this is an excellent post. Thanks for all the good insights. Any author—aspiring or working toward a second, third, or fourth book—can take so many good pointers from this list.