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    ...r tips, but I'm still struggling with figuring everything out.  So any pointers or videos you could send my w...me that you're having a hard time coming up with.  So, once again, any pointers or suggestions would be great...
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  • ...-chapter postings. I would love to get some feedback on them. And I am more than happy to reciprocate for others. As well as learning any helpful pointers in regards to blogging. Here...
  • ...m on my third draft. Hoping the fourth draft will be the last. I've had good professional feedback on the first chapter that has given me lots of pointers. Project No. 2: Having just f...
  • I really don't know yet. I am just getting started researching. I welcome any advice or directions about the process. As soon as I get this packet of 4 stories edited I will submit them to the copyright office and figure out where to go from there. Any pointers?
  • ...eviews. I did a giveaway on Goodreads, but I didn't spend the time I needed to, again, promoting it. A friend who did the same thing gave me some pointers - join groups of the same gen...
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    Any advice or pointers?? I've just signed a 3-book contract for a trilogy of novels called SLAVE: The Trilogy and I would LOVE to have my work reviewed and endorsed by some key...
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  • Started by Laura Seeber
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    ...erse via twitter, google and facebook.  Would hate to "turn off" those people because I started to sound more like a salesman than an author. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated....
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  • ...t as green as I used to be, but I'm still learning so much as I go along.  I'm attending a writer's conference next month to try and pick up some pointers and other good info from the...
  • ...'m looking forward reading more on your updates.  Just wanted to say that you're one of the ones from whom I'm trying to learn and take away some pointers.  :)
  • Started by Jan Fischer Wade
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    On my blog: A step-by-step marketing plan for your next book!!! http://bookblogs.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2071157%3ABlogPost%3A1446820  What pointers does anyone else have for the marketing roller coaster?
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