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  • So, if there is real discrimination against female writers, wouldn't it be better for Charlotte Naomi Perkins to write as Charles N. Perkins rather than C. N. Perkins?...
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    Over the last couple of years I have had many obstacles to cross.Each task gets harder and harder.Imagining what life would be like if I lived a normal life.I wake up...
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  • Thanks, Jan -- I was an exchange student in high school (Turkey) and spent my Junior year in Germany.  We've lived overseas as a family, have traveled extensively, and...


  • Hi Cathy!  I was debating on just posting on my blog since I work mostly from there but I will most likely post from both.  I post a brief summary on SW when I have a...
  • For what little comfort it's worth, this is happening across the Internet and not just to women. (Small comfort, I know.) Grist had an article (
  • Hmmm, interesting question. Maybe my next heroine will be a professional poker player (Texas Holdem in particular). That's one of my favorite games.