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  • Hi Victoria, Thanks for posting and sharing your journey with self-publishing with us. You are very brave and can do it! As for editing and reading resources, there is one I can su...
  • ...rson on Facebook. I was told to send in my questions about whether the posting and editing functions were pe...and was told that the person I was speaking with would find out if the posting and editing functions would b...
  • By Hyba
    ...uspense novel and am currently working on self-edits before moving on to beta-readers. Have you been able to find a critique partner since your posting in January?


  • Suzanne Frischkorn posted a status
    ...wo of my poetry heroes, Eduardo C. Corral and Diane Seuss. I hope you will consider buying it, requesting it from your library, reviewing it, posting about it on social media, tea...
  • Lee Roberts posted a status
    I just learned from a friend and fellow writer that She Writes is temporarily closed (until 2021?) except for posting a status message.
  • Lee Roberts posted a status
    Is anyone else experiencing trouble posting? I am still unable to post anything and it has been months of trying and attempting to contact anyone who can help me here. Messages sent to She Writes are not being answered.


  • Fantastic way to get to know your characters thanks for posting!
  • Thanks for writing and posting this. So helpful on many levels.
  • Very inspiring! Thanks for posting this.