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  • Rose CG posted a message for Lynn Sawler
    I know what you mean. My dogs are wondering why we are not going for walks. On the brighter side, I am practicing my ThiChi online with Dr. Lim and shaping up with Jane Fonda. I just love all this free youtube stuff. Also, working on my poetry and a few stories. Take care, Rose
  • Lynn Sawler posted a reply
    Cool! I haven't been practicing, but I took a Tai Chi class for a couple years. Loved it. Not sure why I stopped. I was practicing still at home... guess I should get back into it, huh? :-) Do you have your "Writing" button back yet? I don't. :-(


  • Thanks so much, SW sisters for your encouraging, empathetic and engaging comments. I am so glad to have your companionship. By the way - while I am practicing letting...
  • When I am really stuck? When switching over to one of my other writing projects doesn't help? When going for a run... getting out and getting some fresh air and workin...
  • I love this! I've been practicing a lot of exploratory writing this year on a fiction novel and it can be hard to remember that that is progress too, even if it's not always a clear scene or chapter I'm working on, but rather trying to just figure something out!