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    Pamela is a Preferred Provider here at She Writes Services. Here is a description of her offerings: Want to create a blog with the potential to become a book? Or mayb...
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  • Thanks for sharing this one, Liz!  This happens quite a bit. I wonder why people feel compelled to comment at all if the book is not their preferred genre? Testament to our centric thinking!
  • Thank you Emma and Anna. I read Gutkind's definition yesterday and as I work on an essay today...g scenes with my mother, or opening the mail.     I think the popularity of CNF as the "pre...


  • Mary Kent posted a status
    My preferred genre is Drama Fiction with twists of humour!


  • Hmmm, interesting question. Maybe my next heroine will be a professional poker player (Texas Holdem in particular). That's one of my favorite games. 
  • I've been toying around with the idea of writing screenplays and film scripts for a while now, but I've always thought that I'd create ones based on my books once they...
  • Thanks for this post, Maria. And I always assumed reviewers preferred a print copy so I never thought to offer options. Thank you!