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    .... Some background in health journalism and an eco awareness are a plus. Thanks. valerie AT valerie reiss DOT com (I have no idea if that actually prevents spam, but what they hey! :)
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  • have you in the class. I don't think it's too early to be in the class. Sometimes it's all the stuff that comes up in these early stages that prevents us from getting farther along...
  • ...novel, which gives me some sense of it.  But at the same time, your character becomes the size of an ant.  I can't see her well enough, and that prevents me from caring about her.   I...


  • That last time through, the one looking for grammar issues, use a straight edge to keep your eyes locked on what you are reading. It prevents the writer brain from leaping ahead to what you know is coming. It also slows you down. 
  • ...s. Maybe there's some stories to be explored in that, me trying to establish myself as a script writer, and the difficulties of my situation that prevents me from accessing mainstream...
  • ...ble terms. As Zetta says, Amazon may have a large market share but they won't ever be the only game in town. The free market ideology essentially prevents one from being a monopoly. Th...