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  • I just finished line edits, so I am in editing mode.  I spruced it up a bit (I think).  But, since you know the whole story, you will know if a word is not quite right....  Anyway, hope it h...
  • Thanks for such a detailed explanation! I always wondered how others did it (edit / re...was faced with the challenge. I've spent a good part of the past month in edit mode (on the computer, using a col...
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    MY GLAMOUROUS WRITER’S LIFE You're So Vain, You Probably Think My Book Is About You; Don't You? Don't You? Don't You? By Sabrina Lamb             When you become a wor...
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  • Jo Anne Valentine Simson posted a status
    A book of short fiction (including a novella) is now available in print and soon will be in e-book version.
  • G. Donald Cribbs posted a status
    Hello everyone. I am a survivor of sexual assault. This happened when I was four. I have been walking out my recovery for forty years. Something that helped me immense...
  • Shanna Pikora posted a status
    I am so excited to announce my poem "Working Girl" was chosen to appear in Lyrical Iowa 2020 - an annual anthology of the Iowa Poetry Association. Can't wait to see it in print!


  • Kelley, you capture so well the healing that writing through loss can be---along with... One Bowl, dealing with that loss.  [
  • Sian - as someone who grew up in a home full of addiction and all the dysfunction that...mpanies it, I get that instinctive urge to label your feelings as "whiny brat" mode, but I think your points are...
  • Alexandra, Two main advantages of Ingram: 1) Last I heard, CS doesn't offer 90 returns to bookstores (couldn't find an update), so bookstores will not buy POD books th...