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    Yikes! I have ten days until I have to send my revised novel to a proofreader. My thoughts fling out in all directions, going to everything that I'd like to improve. L...
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    Hi all,   My friend who works for the Academy of American Poets let me know about two job openings.  Thought I would post them below in case you are interested, or kno...
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    Any advice from those more experienced with social media on how to prioritize it? I find that there are so many sites, and many of them very useful and fun, that it ea...
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  • A day late, but here is is my response to the prompt: Inspiringly Uninspired Lissa, like probably most Moms, I too found that having a baby forced me to re-prioritize, and it seems that it is a weekly if not daily process.  
  • Stephanie, I'm glad some of this resonated with you. I was just looking it over and realized I hadn't put one of my tasks that I mention here in my real list of things to do. More evidence of the need to prioritize and also have some tracking system. Good luck to all of us!
  • I understand exactly what you're going through. When my first novel came out, it coincided with The Major Move to the Downsize House. Purge! Pack! Publicize! How to pr...