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  • So, I'll start us off. My tiny development company, Milk Boss Industries, is always on the hunt for material to add to the slate (who isn't, right?) So I spend some of...
  • Started by deneen blocker
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    Hello everyone I am in the process of launching a website on 11/15/2009 called It is designed to give women a place where they can get information...
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  • Started by Kelley Harrell
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    Those of you on Twitter may be interested in a list of NC Authors/Writers on Twitter: It's compiled by Anora Mc...
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  • Kristen Houghton posted a message for Chantal Walvoord
    I'm writing fiction and my genre is mystery/crime thriller. Four books so far in A Cate Harlow Private Investigation just released in a boxset. A new book in the series is due out in 2019. Right now I am writing my first YA novel.
  • Anne Marie Ostrander posted a status
    Completely new to public writing. All of my work has been private as a way to relieve my burdened imaginative mind. Be gentle
  • Joanna Blackburn posted a status
    I did it, I'm now publishing my Child Development Articles, Go check out my first one that went up today.


  • The name that I use on here and around the Internet (at least with writing related or on my writing, it's like an alter ego of sorts and I shift into writer mode.
  • Half-way through, I am enjoying Go Set A Watchman, though it is clearly a first draft. I only wish I could literally get Harper Lee in a critique group or even just a...
  • Deborah, Thanks for the quote ; ) Re: how to set up the virtual workshop. In response to that question the first thought that came up was the SW private "studios" but...