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    I know--very sexy title for a discussion. Our group is now private and I'm hoping that some of you lovelies could join me in being administrators of this group: Basic...
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  • Linkedin I like as a sheer business oriented platform, to connect with colleagues (who may become clients or readers at some point). Twitter has become a fave. I only...
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    Not affiliated, just passing it along: Seeking contributions of all kinds for a new book entitled Living our Faith. This book is to cover topics that many heathens an...
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  • christie nelson posted a status
    The Keys to the Kingdom Finding Place in Historical Fiction When your eyes glaze ov...ronze mythical animals are situated above the entry way. Julia Morgan’s 1937 remodel of the façade and gold lobby...
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    Completely new to public writing. All of my work has been private as a way to relieve my burdened imaginative mind. Be gentle
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    I'm writing fiction and my genre is mystery/crime thriller. Four books so far in A Cate Harlow Private Investigation just released in a boxset. A new book in the series is due out in 2019. Right now I am writing my first YA novel.


  • The name that I use on here and around the Internet (at least with writing related or on my writing, it's like an alter ego of sorts and I shift into writer mode.
  • I would like to add my own two cents to this discussion. I think new offerings take time to build audience. There are a myriad number of reasons for this, not the leas...
  • Thanks for sharing your experience blogging your memoir, Sherrey. Again, I think you can blog about your experiences without posting chapters of your book. You just ha...