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    I think previous discussions have touched on this theme: I'm about 2/3 - 3/4 of the way through my first draft, not happy with how my most recent chapter turned out, a...
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    Hi there, Just got word from Boulder Book Store -- thought to share: this is their requirements for an author to read at their store. Not so encouraging. What's your...
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  • The scars writing prompt worked for me. Composed 2000 words. However, I'm hesitating on proceeding. Within a day of following the prompt I realized that scar may not be healed enough for me to write well about it. Perhaps some more hindsight, else I'm lambast the country that caused the scars.


  • "Publishers are looking for stories that can inspire. That's just human nature and the American way. We don't mind if you were forced to bear your father's child in po...
  • Lois -- welcome to novels and third person good luck - I am proceeding on as well - I find like you good exercise to get moving.