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    ...midifier is that it has a very quiet operating system. Best Cool Mist Humidifiers Unlike the warm mist humidifier, the cool mist humidifier produces cool mist and it is a very pe...
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  • do but I get up at 6 so that I have at least an hour to write before the rest if the family wakes up.  That doesn't mean every day of writing produces great work, but like yoga, or...
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    ...e ideas, and enhance our creative juices. If you have ideas for topics, please let us know. Week 1- Monday October 10, 2011 Recently a writer who produces a great weekly newsletter for...
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    ...studies my head, made an elaborate map with tensor morphometry, which produces an MRI picture that purports...e sensory input, are responsible for that. But my overall grand sense produces power and my writing, at its...


  • Long before I ever started working on my own memoir, I read many and loved a good chunk of them. No other genre produces as many books that move me -- to tears, to deep reflection, to...
  • I think we alll suffer self-doubt. Humility and the desire to persevere beyong our own worst critic is what sometimes produces writing that is at its best - glaringly honest and heartfelt. Sharing these moments of doubt makes the experience more bearable.
  • I suspect that for a lot of us who are even willing to identify our rapists the chances of them ever being caught is so slight that that too produces another kind of void. Having writt...