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    ...a consumer of romance novels in the world. So I went on and found a translator for my book who will work on a percentage of the German profits.  She seems amazing. I'm so h...
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  • ...our book like any other publisher, but you will pay for services as you wouldn't pay a traditional publisher. However, a higher percentage of the profits (sometimes 100%) will be your...
  • is lots of information about how to use the sites and download your files yourself. Also a plus, without a middle man you will see more of the profits. - If you're doing a print ve...


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    ...orcement officers, an anti-bullying campaign and an Emergency food Pantry Assistance Program. READ FULL ARTICLE:


  • ...e. My husband, also a published author, spoke at the library and his talk went very well. I'll be donating a portion of the book sales to two non-profits: The Friends of the Libraries...
  • ...l, however, is different with a partnership press--participating in the front end costs of production and marketing yields a higher percentage of profits at the point of sale.
  • ...Fortune 500 companies, setting consumer prices for computers and landline phone services. The companies made billions of dollars in revenue (and profits) because they won the percept...