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    ...lways a good idea to come up with an article every time you complete a project. Writing about things that This is important for it will help them understand the types of projects that you like to undertake....
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    ...content I wrote for another client, but not including the name of the project, the client name, or any information that could potentially link me to the completed project, or give away personal inform...
  • ...Yuletide's Christmas Story". A Project. Completed the 50,000 Words...ew Website where you don't have to put in the Project your Writing about. It's all...a great place to meet people and to have your Project looked at.


  • ...a professional writer and producer that is currently working on a film project with Chas. Floyd Johnson, Exe...with George Lucas and (LucasFilms). Rose co-produced the documentary project, ‘The Green Girl’. It reveale...
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    Thanks! Your graphic memoir project sounds amazing! And sorry it took me just short of forever to notice your message.
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    ...of the popular Handmaid’s Tale, once said, “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” So don’t think of your writing as a finished project, simply consider it as an out...


  • ...ff the reader, how to tackle a subject (or a story) in logical and bite-sized segments, how to build an argument (or a plot), how to plan a large project ... and even some writing bas...
  • ...Strong As A Mother 90 Day Strength Program. As it is with writers, once I dove into that I thought, Crap, I should be writing, NOT starting a new project. So...I am making it a full h...
  • Enjoyed this article and also reading about the games you and your friend played centered around writing, especially "...coming up with 5000+ words of pure story.... The processes of Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury and Mark Twain are closer to my own way of starting a project.