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  • Started by Colleen Green
    check out my latest blog entry Dracian Legacy is a YA Paranormal Fant...
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  • Started by Amy Wise
    Last reply by Dania Rajendra
    Have you added a story about the anthology to your blog or website? Share it with everyone here. Have you added links to the Oil and Water blog, facebook page or She W...
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  • Started by Karen A. Wyle
    Does anyone have any info or educated guesses about how Barnes and Noble decides which new $2.99 releases to feature in its promotional emails??
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  • Yes, it is so important to build into most days the opportunity to write. If I am not writing my blog, or an online article on HubPages, I am researching for a book, o...
  • I'm so pleased to see some confirmation that a book doesn't have to be Breaking News new to continue to find, and even increase its audience. My first novel, The Last...
  • Good luck, Kim! And thanks, Virginia and Donna. Today is a little "out of body" for me; most of the promotions and pitching and all that are done. Now it's just time to go along for the ride...