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  • Started by Colleen Green
    check out my latest blog entry Dracian Legacy is a YA Paranormal Fant...
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  • Started by Amy Wise
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    Have you added a story about the anthology to your blog or website? Share it with everyone here. Have you added links to the Oil and Water blog, facebook page or She W...
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  • Started by Karen A. Wyle
    Does anyone have any info or educated guesses about how Barnes and Noble decides which new $2.99 releases to feature in its promotional emails??
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  • Brooke Warner commented on her article What Are E-Books Worth?
    Yes, Kelly. She Writes Press gives authors 80% of our net profits. So whatever is left...split—80% to the author and 20% to us. In our case because we have a wholesale model with Amazon, Amazon is takin...
  • Thank you for this very inspiring post.  Best of luck with your promotions plan - to you, Shannon, and Leza!
  • Do you think the genre makes a difference in these sorts of promotions?