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  • I think the worst thing you could do when one is a HCP (highly creative person) is to limit yourself by categorizing yourself into a niche. I commend your efforts and...
  • Started by A.K.Andrew
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    Procrastination is the master of endless lists, even for things we supposedly want to do – I don’t have time, my artwork sucks, not enough room, too busy to focus, too...
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  • This is very interesting, Beth.  You've given me some good ideas for further research about the healing properties of herbs, which I think will work nicely for the character I'm creating. Do you know any other specific sources for researching this in addition to Herb Companion magazine?
  • Wendi, thanks for teh welcome. This is our second home here. We started in the Vienne, near Poitiers, in one of the long, red-tiled roof houses, and have migrated up t...
  • Started by Marisa Mangani
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    Here's how I made time to write, 11 years ago while my daughter was in middle school(single Mom), I had a demanding full-time job, rental properties to manage and a ne...
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  • Well, you realize that you're asking a bunch of indie publishers and guess how we got here, don't you? By not caring what everyone thought and putting our work out the...
  • I belong to an herb club and we learn something new all the time. Some of them make tonics that they drink to stay healthy. There are herbal remedies for the flu, cold...
  • Started by Vica Miller
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    Ladies - I wanted to let you know about an exciting opportu...ich captivity is expressed in art & literature Moderator: Professor Leonard Cassu...are limited (http://www.susaneleyfineart.com) The moderator is Leonard Cassuto, Prof...
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  • Started by Kelley Harrell
    I'm not affiliated with this project, just passing it along.  However, I can add that...phrased, or otherwise unoriginal material Bibliography for works cited Use the Modern Language Association (MLA)...
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  • Started by Julie Henderson
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    The Courage to Create by Stuart Wilde - February 7, 2013 - Feelings / Resonance Share on linkedinShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on printShare on...
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