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  • Perhaps the question to ask: to what end are you reading historical fiction? On one end of the spectrum, I'll propose that it's to read a great story, period. On the other end, let's...
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    ...Susan asked             “Would you go to dinner with me?”             “Yes I will.”             During dinner Kiefer was trying to figure how to propose to Susan assuming she would h...
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    Hello everyone, I'm new to this group but I am interested in what makes a good book trailer. I wanted to propose that we maybe share our book trailers for the opinion of those in the group. I would like t know if anyone is interested?
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    ...Antjie Krog and academics Nosisi Mpolweni and Kopano Ratele investigate how a South African survivor of apartheid brutality tells her story, and propose that listeners have work to d...


  • in there. Sometimes we feel there is no "there" there. But as a therapist and writer who has worked with writing and healing for many years, I propose that we can't produce and mov...
  • Julie Golden commented on Laura Brennan's article Strength
    Thank Laura, for the extra boost of a link. Your words are going into my "love" file. I hope you read the Free Peek on my site – it's from the beginning of the book. Great fun for you to propose this topic and let me go Toot! Toot!
  • Thank you. *blushes* I do not know the writings of which you refer, but I will say that this is why I love spaces like this. People always propose things to read I would have never come across by myself. I'm pretty sure I'll have a massive list by the end!