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  • It's really hard to be in waiting mode and I sympathize. It's something with which you really have no control and that kind of thing drives me crazy! :-) I'm waiting on my agent's rea...
  • Well, I too have had this conflict… so I started to write two different blogs for a was all coming from the same place and person, so I put both blogs in rest mode and started a new blog. This...
  • Thanks for the link - I'm a Margaret Cho fan, and look forward to reading this. Marianne Schnall said:Just wanted to share my latest piece at Huffington Post - thanks...


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  • Robin, I hear what you're saying, but I'm not really sure why you thought I was attacking Harlequin as vigorously as you seem to think I was. I claimed that they give...
  • There's a wonderful balance of encouragement and hard reality in this post. I welcome any insight into what a prospective agent is thinking as she opens my query--thank so much for letting us in! Best of luck in your new job.
  • How can it be "definitive" if it leaves out women? That's the problem with men's narrow vision. They're so exclusive. Reminds me of that joker V. S. Naipaul.