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    Oh Great Spirit, I am feeling so vulnerable My heart is beating so fast, I am trying to be courageous, Yet feel I’m letting it go. Oh Great Bear, Mother to all. I am...
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    I understand that copyright laws protect all forms of my curricula and books. But how can copyrights really protect digital materials, eBooks, PDF files, etc? From wh...
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    A group of women have taken on the task of hosting a challenge that examines and celebrates women in literature and non-fiction. There are 3 levels of participation. T...
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  • Rhonda Collins posted a status
    DEAR DAUGHTERS, I'll make this quick as I know you are busy: If you are a daughter you may have days you do not understand your mother Maybe something on this short...


  • This is beautiful.  Forgiveness is an important value for me and one I struggle with daily.  I think striving to forgive is important for interpersonal growth.  I also...
  • Betsy, your post has me questioning my resistance. I cringe at what some of my friends post, too. The content and the prose. Then all I have to do is read something th...
  • Thank you for the continued comments on the article. While it was my intention to bring the subject of ebook piracy to the attention of the group, I certainly don't wi...