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    This is what I don't understand. How does one become a writer? And when do you bec...leave in due time. If that doesn't work, try the toilet, or in French, ca'mode. Toilet or Ca'mode means to refresh the body, wh...
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  • Thank you both, for the initial discussion post and the first reply. I'm amazed that I...because one of us is working on one. The epistle--the letter--is a historical mode now, isn't it? I recommend A...
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    Do you want to make the process of shopping easier for you?...their behavior with bank good.  Most accepted mode Yes, without any doubt, a credit card is the most accepted mode on any online website. If you...
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    Hello Amy, Nan Gefen and I have our book coming out in October (It Never Ends: Mothering MIddle-Aged Daughters) and I wonder how you hired a virtual assistant, what t...
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    Sylvia in a bookshop with her books 19/12/19 Sylvia broadcasting on Phoenix FM in 2017 IF you want something done ask a busy person! This certainly applies...


  • Hey Stephanie - At Vistaprint, for $35 I got:  1 large car door magnet; a vinyl banner (3ftx1.5ft), 50 large postcards, 100 regular postcards, 250 business cards, 50 '...
  • Maria Murnane commented on her article Give and take
    @Carole, I suggest hiring a professional editor to provide feedback before submitting your work to agents and/or publishing houses. If you have more specific questions, I can be reached at [email protected]. :)
  • Congratulations!  You've provide hope on my own long writing journey.