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    Last reply by Phyllis Smith and becoming too long for the practicality/convenience of publishers. When I realized I could self-publish, and be free to publish the b...okay. My "discussion" topic would be to ask who else is self-publishing, and maybe share resources...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...s allows you to express yourself and therefore, you should be sure to make it look professional. • Articles. With linkedin, you can be able to publish articles. This can be a great...
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  • ...I have five drafted, with one almost ready to publish. I have images and titles ent...y last changes to an article in 2019 tried to publish it, but I have not been able...tinuation of that option. If we can no longer publish, or if they are making change...


  • Kristen Houghton posted a status
    ...erminable wait of traditional publishing, the decision to be an press, Skylight-NYC Publishers. It was a good choice for...ace and Ingram Spark. The top publishing houses go through Lighteni...ur baby’. You’re wearing your publisher’s hat for this part. Auth...
  • I can't edit and publish an article or edit articles like i use to? what happened?
  • RYCJ posted a message for Brooke Warner
    Hi Brooke! Hope all is well with you, and the ladies here on She Writes. Not sure who to contact about not being able to publish articles. The link is missing. FYI. I did previously h...


  • Thanks for sharing your courage to write and publish "your way", which gives each of us the courage to do the same.
  • Your article is spot on, and I'm going to look for your book as I love well-researched historical fiction with well-developed characters. I just learned She Writes Press is going to publish mine and am looking forward to the journey.
  • Thanks, Dhana. I'm giving myself until June to shop. If I don't receive an offer I like by that time, I'll happily publish with SWP again. Happy New Year to you, too, and good luck with your queries! xo