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    Those of y'all who self publish may be interested in this: PW Select wants to help recognize the wealth of self-published titles out there. Only the cream will rise to the top, so make sure yours is amongst the creamiest! :)
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    Hello. I am a member of this group (because I do a lot of freelance copyediting for small, indie presses; they are my favorites!), and the food writers group. I am loo...
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    Self-publishing has taken off like a rocket -- but where are all the e-published authors who have contracts with E-Publishers? I've a fantasy ebook The Black Orb comin...
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  • Skeeter Buck posted a status
    Blogging is the matrix of the digital world platform. It connects those looking for information to those who have the information.  Blogging is a scheduled conversatio...
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    Requiem, Changing Times by R J Parker Clint and Corbin are having a weird day. Best friends for life, things are getting a little strange around their town, and at sc...
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    Chantal, sorry for the delay. I was away on vacation. Keep writing and don't stop because eventually it will all come together. You don't need to keep trying for the B...


  • Hi Emily, Don't be scared and keep writing. What you're seeing is a culmination of rel...lusive in retail book chains because they still operate in this Depression Era mode. Support your libraries in an...
  • Thank you, Susan! This week on my blog I'm going to be interviewing the members of the Literary Lab, who just published an anthology of best genre stories by readers,...
  • I also use CreateSpace. I noticed that your Robot book is $14.95 for 132 pages. I'm offering my own books at considerably less. Maybe I'm making a mistake by cutting to the minimum. As individual author/publishers, how do you calculate your selling price?