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  • The spring day had everyone in a bit of a rush.  Wet weather and a late start to the construction season the foreman was screaming for more production and counting loa...
  • I'm thinking pickles, partly because they seem to be popping up everywhere. They're kind of a neat outgrowth along the Farmers' Market/canning and preserving axis, plu...
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    Go toMcLinky dot com and you'll see an explanation. They are responsible for them I believe. Very simple and take minutes and could open you up to lots of blog exposur...
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  • Cate, I loved your morning walk story. I've always been an animal person (more than humans) and see and feel animals in a way similar to yours. Unfortunately, even aft...
  • There is a great article on Daring Fireball about the iPad that goes into loads of detail (like how it doesn't get hot, doesn't hum, is affordable, and much, much more about how it works and feels)
  • Thanks Elle! It's DAY 4 now and I'm already at 12,749 and shooting for 20,000 today (maybe). I wish you loads of luck as well!