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    For those of us who have elevated procrastination to the perfect art form of pure...
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    When thinking about choosing the best water bottle for promotional items, keep in mind...
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    From hot flashes and night sweats to mood swings and the loss of libido, women in...
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    In the United States, many CBD products are on the market today. As a THC-free...
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  • Last Easter when Isabelle was about 4 months old, we went to visit my parents and extended family in Montana. My family all lives in this little town nestled in the Ro...
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    Okay, I have to admit I'm no good at queries, so I guess that part was obvious, right. I would like some one to look over my query. I have read for many years many dif...
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    It never occured to the Halburtons to question the existence or the goodness of God. J. Seneca in particular, was absolutely certain he understood God’s Will, just as...
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    Hot off the press! AROUND THE WORLD IN 50 YEARS: Travel Tales from a Not So Innocent Abroad (Braughler Books, March 2019). “All my life I have disagreed with Da...
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    A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul.


  • I loved this. Just yesterday I wrote a blog piece titled 'Perseverance, Thick Skin and Debbie Macomber'. It's about her incredible writing journey which was finally la...
  • Congratulations on your new book.  I am in the middle of writing a memoir and have an idea of the courage and pure hard work you have undergone to reach this point. I...
  • Good luck, Hope! I've got a book of poems coming out in a few (or several) months, and I've been pondering some of these same thoughts (re: pure writing vs. marketing). I think you're approach is a great compromise, and I look forward to watching this aspect of the drama unfold.