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  • Fun in my new living quarters at 
  • ...t.  When I started, I was hoping I would be able to quit one of my part-time jobs and focus on my writing.  Then I discovered that there would be quarters where I didn't even get a roy...
  • ...rom the copy editor and to finish chapter 9 of my newest novel The Dusty Rose: A Season of Hope. I've accomplished fully the last goal, and three quarters of the first. Still working o...


  • Deb Brandon posted a reply
    Hi Cheryl, I'm not expert (just one and three quarters tucked under my belt). But I'd be happy to try to help. Deb


  • ...e. Don't be a pain in the ass on purpose about it, but go almost that far - interesting ideas and great cheerleading will come out of unsuspected quarters. 3. Read something from a cul...
  • This is very helpful because I am nearly three quarters of the way through my third and as yet untitled novel; while I always knew from day one what I would call the first two, this one is elusive so Tayari's comments are very useful and gives me hope. Caroline