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  • These query groups seem to be dormant. Is there anything going on in a different group to assess queries?
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  • ...let myself come through.  I hope Aimee and Michele and Carolyn that your writing is also coming along. I am doing a last edit before sending out queries.  Wish me luck.
  • ...m a the suggestion of Joan (in this group). I used this website: Agent Query and searched for agents who were accepting nonfiction/multi-cultural queries. I e-mailed my query to a BUN...


  • Thanks, Dhana. I'm giving myself until June to shop. If I don't receive an offer I like by that time, I'll happily publish with SWP again. Happy New Year to you, too, and good luck with your queries! xo
  • ...ant and potentially valuable to languish without some professional marketing behind it. Any ideas? Take the bit in my teeth and start sending out queries every week? Sigh... I'd rathe...
  • Sarah, It's definitely nothing personal, the radio silence, and the courtesy email is key! Imagine that you have literally 500+ queries in your Inbox. For every ten you read, fifteen...