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    ...ferently, but there are certain best practices that make it easier for readers to read online. Short paragra...o skim, lists keep it simple, and hyperlinks are an easy way to direct readers to more information. Lastly,...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...tions in regards to clever puppies? Well, today you are in luck as in this article we shall dive into the top questions asked by countless of our readers in regards to clever puppies...
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  • ...ources, there is one I can suggest. One of my writer/author friends has used them and highly recommends the site for finding editors and possibly readers. There is also a low cost for...


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    Excited to come up for air from the long path to publishing and to connect with fellow women writers and readers! NOW I have time to randomly read again!
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    Your burning questions about my forthcoming novel Beside the Long River are answered on a new blog post:
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    Looking for readers - if you enjoy WWII historical fiction - my newest book DREAMER is about a Ukrainian boy living in wartime Galicia, as he flees with his family in the hop...


  • ...about my own writing: In a technical context, either a document works or it doesn't, and if it doesn't you don't whine about your closed-minded readers; you figure out what doesn't...
  • This is such a helpful piece. Thank you, Diana for sharing your ideas, suggestions and tips regarding beta readers. I am lucky that I have one really good one. She is an avid reader and her critiques are very constructive. Now, I just need two more! :)
  • ...I gobbled it up. I've spent years TRYING to find even a couple of beta readers (, hope springs eternal, as they say. Any tips on how I could find beta readers?