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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...are not yet of legal age and you want to enjoy the things that legal aged people are enjoying such as alcohol. Well, if you want to get it more realistic, you have to make yourself lo...
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  • Started by Julie Ryan McGue
    ...ic offers this advice: Acknowledge your feelings–it’s normal to feel sadness and grief; Reach out for support if you feel lonely or isolated; Be realistic about expectations and open t...
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  • Started by Beatrice Watson
    ...was more work for me to do on the present novel I have been working on, so I am back at the drawing board, allowing myself to be more opened and realistic about my manuscript. I am fi...
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  • Julie Ryan McGue posted a status
    ...resiliency 4) Keep putting yourself out there 5) Seek professional help if the symptoms don’t lessen. “Ultimately, a combination of setting realistic expectations, accepting that...
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    ...lausible and others that are hard to believe?” Saadawi asks at one point in a novel that on its face is fantastical, but that at its soul is a realistic portrayal of not just Saadawi...


  • Why don't cars have built-in tissue holders?  I cry as I write. I don't like to do it as I feel nuts that I tear up as I'm writing that my characters are crying, but it sounds realistic when I'm recording the audio. Maybe I should have been an actress. Naw. 
  • Well-said, Cindy. And what a great attitude. I don't think it's Pollyanna at all. I think you're it's realistic and mature. From the moment I got a contract for my memoir with a small...
  • ...ruly are many more options available to us writers, and yet, the challenge is to find the ones that work for us, for each project, etc. - and be realistic. All of it is work, ha ha, no...