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    I'd like to hear how agented writers found their agents. I've been writing letters & emails to the point of receiving compliments but no contracts... any hints??
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  • Hi Aviva, Those members were suspended a while ago, so please let me know if you're receiving *new* messages from them and we need to take more action. Thanks!Julia
  • The operative phrase about traditional publishing is "if you can get it." My sense is that traditional publishing is languishing. This notion is supported by the numbe...


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    Hi Chantal. Thank you for your message. I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have not checked my account on here for a few months. For me, a spiritual pat...
  • Hi Kristin - I need help. I have been having severe issues posting for a couple of months and keep receiving an error when I try to post. I have submitted reports via...


  • To be placing your writing on fictionpress at such a young age and be receiving positive feedback, priceless.   I suspect you will go further. Best wishes!
  • Avalon
    You are very welcome, Michele. Thank you for writing it. Seems like no matter what we write, we all kind of feel the same way at receiving praise for the work we've done. It's good to know that we are not all alone in this and that it's not weird - as a writer - to feel that way, haha.
  • Writing is an essential form of communication. When there are no words to be said there are words that can be written. When there is no one to talk to there is pen and...