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  • Hi Audrey, I'll read for you as well - [email protected] I have probably 25 or 30 published memoir essays, a number of them receiving awards, yet my agent tells me...
  • This is the story of when I knew it was over...   I could never have imagined… I was in my car. He called from work.  Angry. My heart was adrift, no longer his, no lon...
  • Started by April Katko
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    As I dug into the story it all began to make sense. Who am I you ask? I am Private Investigator Peter Paul. “Jimmy what makes you feel that you don’t belong in the Ste...
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  • Started by Talia Carner
    We are a group of serious, dedicated prose writers, meeting Monday 6-8:30 every other week to review each other’s work. Our meetings take place mostly on the Upper Wes...
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  • Started by Scars R. Stories
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    Hello all!   The name of this group caught my eye at once.  Although I have hardly ever delved into the realm of fiction, but instead write intensely creative autobiog...
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  • I think it's a good idea to have a set of steps. That said, my problem is not so much replying to comments made on my own blog, but rather reading other peoples blogs...
  • Started by Suzanne Barston
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    My agent called 2 weeks ago (smack in the middle of BEA, so I understand that may have complicated things) to let me know someone had made an offer on my non-fiction p...
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  • I agree about 2 posts a week. Two great posts are better than five lousy ones. MIA is my nickname.   In addition to perimenopause, I've been struggling with blogging v...
  • Wow, what a story your mother has! You should write her story for her ;0) I think a lot of our mothers were raised to keep things to themselves. I, however, was raised...
  • Started by Kate O\'Mara
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    I'd like to hear how agented writers found their agents. I've been writing letters & emails to the point of receiving compliments but no contracts... any hints??
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