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  • I appreciate your circumstances and am very sorry for the losses you have encountered. (And no,they don't sound like excuses to me!) The reality is that sometimes life...
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    I thought I might as well tackle the major things. I believe that point of view and voice encompass almost all the choices novelists have to make when starting to writ...
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  • If there were a genuinely good and genuinely short answer to this very good question, I would be out of a job. The grossly overgeneralized short answer to this, thoug...


  • Appreciate this post. I'm not finished with my book yet, but I'm already recognizing that my metrics for success might need to be over a 5-year period.
  • Lovely. Perspective is everything. Recognizing this as a "meaningful coincidence" is a great example of that. Thanks for sharing, Irene.
  • Sunny Frazier commented on her article PRICELESS PUBLICITY
    The Murder Circle (which definitely needs updating, doing too much cruise promo!) will start you on the way to recognizing some very new names in the mystery community...